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A gamified, lean journey to
design your killer strategy

Prologued by Ash Maurya

“Running Lean” & Lean Canvas creator

304 pages

with full colour illustrations

80+ examples

case stories of success and failure

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is a villain

I am certain that, sometimes, you have felt like a real fighter ready to enter the battle field.

You are really aware of your important mission, but you don’t know how to achieve it and success.

It doesn’t matter whether this mission is about defining the business strategy for a department or a whole company, finding the killer proposal for a new startup, or finding a brand new orientation for your professional career.

The start point is exactly the same. And so the risks, going blank, wandering without a true and clear goal.

It turns worse if we face this battle in the real globalized world, where it becomes even harder to surprise and being surprised.

A battle

The Hero Plan is a guide for your battle to find the killer strategy, a strategy that is focused, different and memorable

A gamified, lean adventure that uses a Battle Board and a story with Heroes and Villains to guide you step by step all the way to the end design of a legendary proposal.

A goal you can only achieve by practical and real application of effective neuromarketing techniques.

Are you ready to fight?

Business, startups and professionals

Step by step lean battle guide

Your plan in no more than 10 lean actions

FocusFocusFocus + Different + Memorable

The Author

Daniel Vecino

International expert & outsider in lean strategy, business models, innovation and neuromarketing.

Vecino fights alongside professionals and companies from all over the world, leanly designing focused, different and memorable proposals.

Until 2016,

  • 6 companies founded: mobile technologies, mobile payments, strategy, marketing and communications.
  • +350 distinctive staging events all over the world.
  • +20 countries in last years

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The Hero Plan

  • A gamified adventure
  • A systematic and lean way to the victory
  • A handy guide to become memorable
  • The DNA of a killer proposal
  • Three keys to win: FocusFocusFocus, Different and Memorable
  • The battle board


  • Find out your powers and weaknesses
  • Discover your mission
  • Meet your allies
  • Who are your potential clients and what do they need
  • What to do if we do not know who are our clients


  • How to design a focus and different action plan
  • How to discover the DNA of your proposal learning through fight
  • How to win the battle applying the three key fighting strategies


  • Why emotions help us to be memorable and record memories
  • Cuáles son los elementos que influyen en tus clientes a la hora de tomar una decisión de compra
  • Needs: why Maslow is wrong?
  • The inverted true needs pyramid by The Hero Plan
  • How to systematically design proposals through emotional triggers to be remembered and selected by our clients


  • How to design your business model using gamification
  • How to transform The Hero Plan battle board to Business Model and Lean Canvas


  • How to systematically validate the hypothesis that compose your proposal using Lean Startup and Build – Measure – Learn cycle
  • How to follow the validation process using Validation Board


  • How to use mater battles to foresee surprises, unexpected events and obstacles
  • How to systematically evaluate the succeed probabilities of your proposal


  • The Hero Plan inception
  • Quick battle guide

Strategy + Neuromarketing + Gamification
Become a true Hero Master.